Temp to Perm is a one-day Public Arts Conference that will function as a platform to investigate the spectrum of Contemporary Public Art.

With presentations from curators, administrators, and artists, Temp to Perm will explore what is happening in the world of Public Art. Drawing from both local projects, and lessons from other cities, we will explore what the possibilities are for art in our public spaces.


Artists and Organizers in attendance will also expand their understanding of Public Art in Portland, Maine through the demystifying of local opportunities specific to the field.

Talk through the process of applying for artist grants, or explore fundraising for your organization.

Throughout the day there will be opportunities for artists, curators, funders, and other organizers to learn what resources are available, (discuss what resources are lacking,) and draw closer together through direct communication.

We can elevate what Public Art means in Portland by both consensus and debate.


This event will encourage those interested in Public Art toward increased collaboration of ideas and resources.

Celebrate the creative spirit that exists in Portland by building relationships. Help push the needle of social engagement between residents and the art by strategizing with peers in the field.


This conference will be as good as the participation of those who attend it. Please join in the process of furthering the dialogue surrounding Public Arts in greater Portland, Maine.